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State & Local Certifications


Most certifications at the state level are managed by the state DOT.  There are some states that have a Statewide Uniform Certification (SWUC) program with a special department to manage these programs.  

DBE = Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

WBE = Woman Business Enterprise

MBE = Minority Business Enterprise

SWUC = Statewide Uniform Certification

LSBE = Local Small Business Enterprise 

All local certifications are managed at the local level and vary drastically within each municipality.  There are over 3,042 counties, 14,566 districts, 31,131 special districts, 35,963 cities and townships, making it impossible for us to list every local program here.

Follow these links and then click on your appropriate state.  You will have local options from each state link to drill deeper to reach the local municipalities.

 State Certification Programs CLICK HERE
 Local Certification Programs CLICK HERE 


Getting Professional Help with your Certification


As you utilize this information, you may realize that you want additional help.  We have listed below support services of companies that provide certification help.  There are TWO categories: 1) Corporate Sponsors - companies that have paid the association to be listed as corporate sponsors or have partnered with the association to provide key services. 2) Association Members - members in the association who have expertise or provide services in this area, listed based on membership level.

- CP: Corporate Sponsor

- PP: Platinum Partner Membership

- GP: Gold Partner Membership

- SP: Silver Partner Membership

- GM: General Membership 

 PP: Ideas 4 Success, LLC 404-684-1539


The association does NOT and has NOT vetted or scrutinized these service providers.  We list the services offered by these companies as a courtesy to our users, affiliates and members.  We urge that you choose a service or product after your own careful evaluation based on the merits of each provider.


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