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My car got hit, what happened next completely caught me off guard

Posted by Abraham Xiong on August 7, 2014 at 11:05 AM

My car got hit, what happened next completely caught me off guard

We live in a cynical world. Oftentimes, I’ve been that cynical person who doesn’t always believe in the good of humanity. Especially in business, I’m so wired to question people and not give them my trust immediately. Well, recently, my pessimistic view about people was put to the test…


Let me tell you about my recent trip to Washington DC. I was going to fly to DC from Atlanta, but decided to take my friend Randy with me and drive. It was going to be great hang time and a chance to catch up a little since we’ve been so busy with life and work. I volunteered my Toyota Hybrid which offered 41 miles to the gallon. Sure enough, we made the trip to DC and had a series of successful business meetings. In between the meetings, I stopped into a quaint little strip of Georgetown to grab an appetizer at Café Bonaparte. I was feeling adventurous and ordered a plate of escargot. Mmmm…….Mmmmm… It was delicious.


When we left the café and headed back to my car, I noticed something odd. At a closer look, sure enough, my car had been side-swiped on the driver side. The front grey bumper was partially pulled out and there were black scuff marks all over. As I looked at the paint damage to the left frame, a sickening feeling started to roll over me. Who hit my car? I thought to myself. Where’s the culprit? The vehicle that had hit my car was nowhere to be found. The cynical person within me started thinking, I knew it, this world is filled with people who just won’t do right. My sickening feeling morphed into frustration. I didn’t quite know what to do next, since I haven’t been in a car accident in over 15 years. Instinctively, my hand reached to my side and grabbed my cell phone. I pulled up the camera app and clicked on it to start taking pictures. I took a picture of the bumper that was partially pulled out with scrapes all over. Another picture of the fog light grill that came off.


As I snapped a few more pictures of my damaged car, to my surprise, I saw a little white note on my windshield. It said, “I scraped your car – Please call…” and “I am so sorry for the inconvenience…” She left her name, phone number and the license plate number.

Wow! I don’t believe it. Is this for real! So, I called the number and spoke with Victoria. She apologized to me profusely over the phone. She told me that after she hit my car, she couldn’t find me so she left her information. She also said that she already called her insurance company and a claim number has been assigned. She gave me the insurance information and the adjuster’s name.


In my cynical nature, I still wasn’t sure… so I called the Georgetown police just to make sure that if things did not work out, at least I have a police report. When the officer got there, he surmised the situation and I told him about the little white note and that I had spoken to the lady who hit me. He said, “Well, you don’t need a police report then. You have a note, a claim number and the adjuster’s information. She’s an angel.” He smiled at me and said, “If it will help you to feel better, take my card just in case.” I looked at the officer’s card with his name and badge number on it and decided that this will serve as my backup plan, just in case Victoria dispute the claim later.


I left DC the next morning and headed back to Atlanta. When I got back in town, I called the insurance adjuster and he sent me to a collision center down the road from my home. A few days later, my car was fix and it looked brand new, as if nothing had happened.


Now that I’ve had a few days to reflect on this, it wasn’t my car that was damaged, it was me, my heart. I had stopped believing that there are good people out there. I had become too cynical because I’ve been hurt too often. My car didn’t need the fixing, it was me who needed my bumper to be taken down so that my inner self can be exposed. It was me who had been bruised and scraped. I needed to see how cynical I am. It was me who needed the fixing.



So, as an entrepreneur and business coach, I’m reminded that to win people and build trust, it starts with me giving prospective partners or potential clients my trust from the very beginning. Trust begets trust. Cynicism begets doubt. I’m thankful to Victoria for reminding me about the good in humanity and for exposing the scraped up heart that I have. I’m a little better today because of my encounter with you.

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