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You've heard it on the news?.
  • JPMorgan Chase Hacking Affects 76 Million Households
  • Home Depot's Payment Systems Hacked, 60 Million Shoppers Affected
  • UPS Joins List of Hacked Companies
  • Target Missed Warnings in Epic Hack of Credit Card Data

Many of these major brands are obvious targets to cyber attackers. So, when a breach occurs the news goes national and we all hear about it.

What you may not have heard is this?

"USIS to Lose Federal Contracts After Cyber Attack"



Small businesses are extremely under-represented in the government market.  We've created a Fast Track Coaching Program to help your business grow in the Federal, state, and local government contracting market. 


Quick Stats:

1) 99.7% of all companies in America are small businesses (SBA size standards), yet less than 22% of Federal contracting dollars are awarded to small businesses.

2) 41% of all US companies are owned by women, yet less than 4.3% of Federal contracting dollars are awarded to women owned small businesses.

3) Minorities make up 43.9% of the US population, yet only 7.8% of Federal contracting dollars are awarded to minority firms. 





Government Contracting News

What Obama’s New Executive Order Means for Federal Contractors

Companies that violate labor laws will now have a tougher time doing business with the government.

President Obama’s recent executive order prevents federal contractors who have violated labor laws from competing for certain types of work and gives agencies greater guidance on how to take those violations into account while awarding contracts. It also expands labor protections for contractor employees.


Contractors, How are You Exposed to the Budget?

The federal government provides a large amount of forward-looking budget data, such as the Future Years Defense Program, that contractors can use to identify government priorities and forecast areas of opportunity. However, linking individual contracts to the different budget accounts used by the Department of Defense — including Operation and Maintenance (O&M), Procurement, Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) and Construction (which includes Military Construction and Family Housing), among others — has proved more difficult. This linkage is valuable because it can help reveal what kinds of work and what companies will be affected by budget developments.

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Large Business’s Unmet Subcontracting Goals Result In “Marginal” Score

A large business was appropriately awarded a “Marginal” score for small business participation based on the large business’s history of failing to meet its small business subcontracting goals.

In a recent bid protest decision, the GAO held that the procuring agency properly assigned the large business a low score based on the large business’s history of unmet subcontracting goals, even though the large business apparently pledged to subcontract a significant amount of work to small businesses under the solicitation in question.

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The World of Government Contracting

Government: the LARGEST consumer in the world! 

The total spending for Federal, state and local government is $6 trillion. The Federal government is the largest consumer in the world, with a $4 trillion budget and contract spending of over $500 billion awarded to the private sector. Despite the huge amount of money being spent, less than 1% of companies are actively winning government contracts. Therefore, there is a tremendous need to support companies and help them open doors for greater opportunities in the public sector.


Pie Chart displaying Extent of Competition for FY 2009
purple colorAvailable for everyone for competition$179,390,305,638
 red colorEveryone could compete for a contract, but only one bid or offer was ever received$51,582,871,096
 light blue colorCompetition within a limited pool$112,488,122,359
green colorActions necessary to continue existing competitive contracts for continuity (until the next one could be competed)$3,361,870,636
dark blue colorAvailable only for groups such as disabled persons, prisoners, and regulated utilities$31,739,835,397
orange colorNot competed for an allowable reason$128,792,721,373
Not identified, soon to be addressed$16,493,905,73

The need for greater support

Government agencies seek greater participation from qualified vendors, but are realizing that many businesses don’t fully understand the procurement process.  Businesses seek to win contracts with government agencies, but face challenging hurdles to navigate the rules, regulations, strategic alliances, purchasing methodologies, and other obstacles the government market presents.  In 2007, the Census reported that there were over 31 million businesses in the US; yet, it is estimated that less than 200,000 companies win federal contracts annually.

Government Contractors Association, Inc (GCA) 

GCA is a national professional trade association for companies interested in pursuing government contracts, existing companies already in the public market, universities, non-profit organizations, government agencies and staff from the federal, state and local level.

Government Contractors Association (GCA) was formed because there was a void in this space. Even though government contracting has been around over 200 years, less than 1% of companies are winning government contracts. Our mission is to help change that.  


Government Contractors Association was formed to advocate, facilitate and educate its members. GCA will support our members through educational curriculum, certification, prep and strategy training. We want to foster teaming, joint venture, alliance and mentor protege relationships.  We want to be the voice of government contractors.


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